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    List of Lunars

    Guys, throw them here for the big random Lunar roll. 1. Anja Silverclaws 2. Lilith 3. Ma-Ha Suchi 4. Leviathan 5. Red Jaws 6. Strength-of-Many 7. Kajeha Lef 8. Tamuz Ushin 9. Swims in Shadows 10. Madame Vert 11. Rain Deathflyer 12. Silver …

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    [[Adventure Log]]

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    Side Characters


    Grei's Son


    Grei's Second in Command


    Grei's Thaumaturge



    Aiden Izval

    Grei and Mironna’s Son

    Their first and only child, Aiden is currently nine years old and has a foundation of training in melee combat …

  • Volya


    Grei’s new second, replacing Tarik. Volya is not nearly as aggressive as his predecessor, favoring order and coolheaded decision-making. He leans almost towards being a …

  • Temir


    A young Thaumaturge, specializing in Enchantment and Husbandry. Temir is viewed as something of a lay-witch by the other men, utilizing methods that sound like the stuff …

  • Tarik


    The Betrayer

    Three years older than Grei and technically a cousin (his family marks back to Grei’s Dragonblooded grandparents, though with …

  • Mironna Izval

    Mironna Izval

    Grei’s Wife

    Head of the Frostfire’s female combatants, not uncommonly referred to as the Bloody Bitches, Mironna was a fierce …

  • Sesus Juris and Sesus Janika

    Sesus Juris and Sesus Janika

    Grei’s Grandparents

    It’s been hundreds of years since Juris and Janika split off from the Realm, departing quietly …

  • Wither at the Root


    Wither at the Root …