Training Tracts

Training XP tracts:
Basically, I am giving players a more concrete way of doing training time, based on the XP expenditure, where it is based on what portion of the XP has been spent thus far (On things it makes sense for, abilities, charms, ETC ETC. You don’t loose progress on learning for getting up and getting a drink of water, thus, disrupting your pristine meditation.)

It could be marked like a health tract:

I want to raise my lore from 2 to 3, this takes 4 XP.


I can fill this in a variety of ways…
In fact,
Training Expenditure is awarded in four ways:

1. Idle time spent as training, full speed as is done by vanilla. (Abilities will be expedited, to make raising them make more sense then arbitrarily boosting your attribute.)

2. Travel time, or time on days where every second isn’t covered by plot, one can fluff up half the time spent as training time.

3. After major events. At the end of a superbly difficult fight, I may award a certain amount of training expenditure. Similarly, occult training may be awarded for inspecting a bizarre phenomena and learning something, or social XP for a hard pressed argument. In general, events where it feels you barely pulled through are excellent training for rapid progression.

4. For stunts pertaining to the ability, I may award expenditure. This will generally be for high end two dot stunts, and any three dot stunt. This is regardless of whatever reward the stunt individual makes.







Total Earned: 43 // Spent: 36 // Remaining: 7 ((Spent 8/12 Credits))


Esssence 3: 16/16
Larceny 1 → 2: 1/1
Thrown 1 → 2: 1/1
Larceny 2 → 3: 3/3
Presence 0 →1: 3/3
Linguistics 1 →2: 2/2
Colossal Might Assumption: 10/10






Charisma 2 → 3: 3/8
Intelligence 2 →3: 3/8
Stamina 1 →2: 3/4

Training Tracts

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