An End to this Rainbow.

Start of the Log.
-Oh crap, I didn't even realize we had this-

Alright. Going to start writing the summary of the first chapter off to the side, but for now, I am just going to put this here in the log so we can remember the current XP, and never forget again. This is based on a rough estimation due to an unusually large portion of the party forgetting.

Current XP:

Partywide: 55XP.

Bonus XP:

Joacca: 6XP (Rewararded due to rules change shortchanging her/him.)

Grei: 5XP

Tree: 5XP (More will be awarded soon, due to some content that is soon to be approved.)

The party as it stands:

Tree Born by the Sea: An-Teng lumberjack, turned Lintha pirate Infernal exalt.. His status is currently undiscovered by a party with golden janissary stylists, several different methods of essence sense, and common sense. Yes. That many rolls failed against him.

Currently attacking the realm blockade outside of chiaroscuro, with Auxi, Ku Caleigh, and Grei.

Grei: Northern or Eastern (Northeastern would just be wierd,) mercinary captain, descended from House Sesus. Was a Solar exalt, until this created a political divide within his band, leading to him being chased out of the northern half of the east that still remains close to the inland sea by the majority of his band, the Wyld Hunt that his band called on him, and a few strange independent dragonbloods. Oh right. Bees. Lots of bees. I was hoping we would forget about those.

He currently is attacking the realm blockade with 15 men, and a very abusive woman. He is also looking for his wife, you haven’t seen her, have you? Milos sure hasn’t.

Auxi: A slavedriver from great forks who decided to forgo giving his slaves drugs, when his slaves revolted against him. After they ran him through with a harpoon and tortured him he started glowing silver at them as Luna formulated jokes about him, made in particularly poor taste. He proceeded to get a mentor with a short body, and some long ears. Later, his mentor abandoned him at the sight of snakes, leaving him in the care of a highborn woman in the marukan lands with a lot of money. Sure. Totally not suspicious.

He is also attacking the realm blockade, as a giant turtle that falls from the sky repeatedly.

Joacca: A highborn woman the party met in the Marukan lands. Seems to enjoy her seemingly endless supply of money and good food. Also shooting people with firewands. Seems to have a vested interest in micromanaging everyone.

She is currently making plans that will entirely derail the next four weeks of sessions, while being as far away from the battle with the blockade that she possibly could be.

Ferem Shuku: An unmet character, whom nothing is known about due tot he fact that she will be appearing within two weeks at the soonest, if at all.

She is currently getting a microphone and headset, due to their current microphone being my old microphone. Damn that quality is low. I am sorry for what I subjected you people to.

The current NPC’s in the party:

Ledaal Hacha: A prisoner from a realm ship the party managed to capture, she seems to have interests further south, and cares little about her status as traveling with anathema.

Is notable for being the NPC to have inflicted the most damage on party members of anyone, having done a total of 20 total damage, if you count her murdering that phantom steed, utilizing a bow larger then her, and using mancatchers as arrows.

Ku Erimont Te Caleigh: An exiled mishakan noble whom Joacca slept with when she was still stalking Grei, and was immediately abandoned upon first contact with Grei. He later exalted when his would be killer was killed by some guy. Now he follows Auxi and gives him…. Words of encouragement.

Is notable for being all talk. Also, oh right! He is the only confirmed “Shadow Man” to be friendly to the party.

Volya: Greis abandoned and forsaken second and command, and is now Joacca’s second in command.

He is notable for being always drunk, having a surprisingly large destiny score, and having joined Auxi in attacking the realm blockade.

Temir: The duckwhisperer, the highest of diet…. Ok. Lets not dig ourselves into that hole. Grei’s new second in command, a talented Thaumaturge.

He is notable for having insane luck, and being played by the Co-ST.

Puapsgkasdjaoh: We still haven’t gotten his real name yet. Not much is known about him, as he has consistently changed his answers every time he is asked a question on virtually every question. At least he hasn’t stolen anything from you. Right? The party picked him up when they found him naked in a cage, completely sunburned, and alone. Well, almost alone, but Maikos wasn’t going to save him, that is for sure.

Maikos: A woman who seems to be incapable of showing kindness, and thus, shows everyone abuse. Constantly. Appears to have some disease that greatly reduces the level of detail their body is rendered in.

Has joined the party in their blockade assault, but demonstrates no combat abilities.


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