Aiden Izval

Grei and Mironna’s Son

Their first and only child, Aiden is currently nine years old and has a foundation of training in melee combat, martial arts, and the beginnings of archery. He is more at home on the back of a horse than many adults, but where he truly shines is in the athletic arts – he takes to running, jumping, and climbing like few others.

Although he was born prior to Grei’s Exaltation, Aiden takes more after Grei’s post-Exalted personality. He is quiet and calm, thoughtful, and – for now – takes Grei’s word as absolute command. Whether this is a result of the recent trauma he’s been through with the split of the clans and the death of his mother remains to be seen, but it’s a significant point of worry for his father.

His primary confidant is a cat named Tiny.


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