Dhamma - Noresore and Unwoven Coadjutor


Noresores, The Passion Moray
Demons of the First Circle
Progeny of the Weaver of Voices


Not so long ago we were two, and just as simply we are now one.

I feel what you are planning. So much anguish and pain and, o my it is intoxicating, the pride. A heady flavor far beyond chalcanth, the gift of such limitless pride that it makes you feel more than human, capable of anything. Only by Szoreny can you wear this murmurs mask, fool the children of the acid sea, be more than filth. Only by my masters leave is the Silver Forest permitted to uplift you. Know who your masters are, that I am always watching, that the mask can fall away. When one climbs so high…the fall can be fatal.

…chiming laughter

Serve though, serve and we shall always be drunk upon the ebb and flow of glory. Upon waves of blood, every desire shall collect like so much flotsam at your feet. And know, always remember, every pleasure can become dust and ash – I will make sure of that.

Dhamma - Noresore and Unwoven Coadjutor

An End to this Rainbow. Nehebkau