Even Blade Nerfs

Every charm after the form charm is celestial level, but the first charm one learns of the style after the form charm is treated as TMA as a special exception. Celestial exalts do not gain double-tma purchases with their respective TMA multiplier on this fifth charm.

The styles tendency to attack second, hit first is being reinforced, and its head on offensive abilities are being reduced/removed without them being done in retaliation. This style no longer works unarmed.

This style requires an awareness score of ** to be practiced at all.

Practitioners of this style may re-sheath their sword as a ready weapon action.

Notes: I just felt like doing this all the sudden. I really don’t plan on using it, but I might if people find it reasonable.

Death Between heartbeats:

Uses the enemies DV as it would be the end of their declared action, as if they had attacked second. The benefit of this charm is that you can steal attacking first.

Breath and essence control:

Close your Eyes and Look:
Keywords added: Counterattack.

Rather then being able to be used as a normal attack, this charm now requires one to prematurely terminate an aim action with their sword sheathed to be used.

Its essence detection abilities now require a perception/awareness roll against the opponents essence, with the ST being required to give at least a half truth at 1 threshold success, or an unambiguous, but incomplete answer at three threshold successes.

Even Blade Form:

Now challenges supernatural attempts to break the even bladesmens focus with a perception-awareness contested against the enemies essence+charm referenced ability and/or attribute, Rather then being a perfect defense against distraction charms.

Firey Garada Attack:
Cost: Always 4m 1WP.

This attack, instead of inflicting piercing damage, it allows one to supplement an attack with a shredding effect to the enemies armor after damage has been rolled. This is rolled the same as a shredding attack, where the first attacks threshold successes are used.

Its effects against weapons are unchanged, but weapons of any class gain an extra die to their ability to resist damage, with weapons of exceptional materials getting a total of four dice to resist this effect. Weapons of low quality get one die to the resistance roll.

Flashing Zephyre Strike:

Not sure what to do, I really dislike the idea of a flurry charm in this style.

Floating Nymph Evasion:

Unclear writing, only subtracts the users essence from onslaught and coordinated attack penalties.

Gruesome Wood King Revelry:
Cost: None, (1m)
Type: Permanant
Keywords Lost: Obvious.
Keywords Gained: Overdrive, Counterattack.

Replace the Charm text with what follows:

This charm creates a separate 10 offensive overdrive mote pool. The user is allowed to flurry an aim action with a sheath weapon action for a one mote fee, if they take an attack during this aim action, they are considered to have finished the aim action, and may perform a counter attack when the enemies attack is over.

If the counterattack lands, the user gets a number of motes equal to the length of the enemies flurry, plus the sum of all damage they took from their targets flurry in overdrive motes.

Stubborn Jokun Posture:
Cost: 2m

This charm doesn’t provide soak, but it does allow for one to ignore wound penalties for an action.

Every time one suffers a penalty from any attack actions while this charm is active, one health levels worth of wound penalty returns, starting from -0 and working it back down to incapacitated.

This charm cannot be used to get back up when incapacitated or dieing.

Further charms: To be done at a later date, if they are not cut.

Even Blade Nerfs

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