Golden Exhalation Revision

Lore text: ..The form weapon is a firewand, with a bayonet for close up use, practitioners make use of a mix of flame blasts, and pragmatic bayonet techniques.

Weapons and Armor: This style can only be used with bayoneted firewands, or other bayonet compliant flame discharge weapons. It can be practiced in light or medium armor.

A few variants have split off more remote parts of the south practice using a knife and flame piece, or in a single case, short spear and flame piece, when practicing any of these dual wielding variants, offhand penalties are ignored.

The first of these sub-styles can be explained quite easily, in this school, the style is practiced for subtle assassinations, and prefers such weapons for their ability to be hidden under desert robes. The second is harder to explain, but they claim they inherited their style from the four armed god of the style, who descended to creation for the entirety of the second century of the realm to teach the true form of the style.

One Eye Follows the Bird
Cost: 1m+Varies; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1;
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-Ok
Duration: Until end of next action.
Prerequisite charms: None.
The key limitation in age of sorrows firewand warfare has been the single shot nature of the firewand, untrained infantry are known to fire first, but this is the first habit to be broken in students learning the style. Carefully learning their enemies movement patterns, they gauge out their enemy with a series of stabs first.

This charm may be activated after a bayonet attack is dodged, granting a accuracy +2 bonus to firewand blast accuracy against this enemy provided it is fired in the next turn, and adding an additional aim die at the end of the current action provided one has not reached the cap for these. Every time this charm is activated in succession in a flurry, its cost rises by one.

- Note, not much more efficient then dragon-blooded excellencies in many cases, but requires you to take actions that may leave one at risk.

Oasis Burns at Noon
Cost:2m ; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1
Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Ok
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite charms: One Eye Follows the Bird

On the hulls of great ships, a new weapon arose in the early age of sorrows, one inaccurate, but one could cleave ships in two on its own using water infused with fire, trying desperately to escape from air. Firewands have traditionally depended on getting close to the enemy to be able to retaliate at all. This technique allows one to defy these limitations, by wetting ones firedust in a miscellaneous action, and using essence to marry flame and water.

By spending two motes and taking a miscellaneous action after the ordinary reload action, one may mix a resource far more valuable then firedust in the south in the chamber of your weapon, water. These motes are committed until the weapon is fired. Ultimately, this alone does little to the functionality of the weapon alone, other then it now shoots steam that can slow down a charging enemy (essence) yards due to it carrying force, or speed them an equal distance if they are running away, unlike the weightless gout of flames normally associated with firewands.

However, others have realized that the the steam can be used to propel bullets that could easily be acquired for a sling. Such attacks carry a -3 accuracy penalty, and inflict half damage, but can be fired at 5X the fire-wands normal range

- Note: I tried to make it more flavorful then steam cannons, which were out of place in how normal physics-ish they were. At least in this case, it is slightly more occult in how the water is stored.

Garada Fathers the Wasteland
Cost: 3m ;Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-Ok
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Mother Disobeys Father
In some legends, the Great Garda once burned all of the south, reducing it to a sea of sand and ash. Those who are forced to defend themselves with a firewand may wish to take note, as emulating this can save their life.

This charm enhances a normal melee attack with a bayonet, allowing one to fire a point-blank blast into ones enemy. However, the dust doesn’t have distance to burn properly at point blank ranges, often resulting in most of the firedust getting embedded into the opponents armor, half burnt and still burning.

Damage for the firewand blast is rolled without threshold successes, soak is not initially subtracted from raw damage, but instead, each point of damage adds one action of a (3L/action, Trauma 2) burn effect. Such techniques are infamous in fights between mortals as being a quick and easy end to what would otherwise be an exciting fight, but tend to be laughed at in combat between actual exalts.

One can take miscellaneous actions to shorten this burn effect by two actions, three if one is prone.

Note: Fire environmental damage, and other similar forms of physical threat required to inflict your armors Soak+Hardness before rolling into health levels, Jade armor almost totally negates hazards of this strength as well. The fact that you can stop drop and roll only makes it significantly more dangerous if you neglect it.

Still considering increasing the cost, of course.

Golden Exhalation Form
Replace charm text with following:Calling fourth years of experience in defending against the blasts of a firewand attack, the student becomes capable of predicting the flow of blasts they have not yet seen. She gains three soak against all flame attacks, and fire attacks are never considered to be surprise attacks against the student. Any defense offered by a bayonet is doubled as well.

Flame-Eater Stance
Cost Alteration: 2m
Mechanical Alteration:
Simply gives +1 to parry any fire attack (in addition to allowing you to parry any normal fire attack, fires not recognizable to creations fate, such as pyreflame and the green flame of Legier, or forms of illusion/phantom flame cannot be parried with this technique,) and forms the flame into firedust in the chamber if it succeeds.

Salamander Licks the Pot
Cost: 4m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 2.
Type: Simple
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Golden Exhalation Form
Both Flame and Blade have long feared heavy armor, even for the greatest of experts, properly combating it with one or the other is always nerve wracking, but for an expert of both, this does not need be the case.

This charm creates a magical flurry of two attacks, bathing the enemy in a fan of flames, followed by a sudden charge through the hottest part of the firestorm. The first attack is a temporary shredding firewand blast that may be made without an aim action, threshold successes are not used to calculate the shredding, but instead, the raw damage of the fire weapon in use is rolled.

The next is a thrusting attack made with the bayonet made diving through the wall of flame. While this is not a unexpected attack, the enemies Dodge Value suffers a penalty of the martial artists (Essence), as they struggle to wade through the same flames do dodge what is only a silhouette. After this attack, the temporary shredding damage vanishes, as the flame washes over the enemies armor, and said armor begins to cool.

Flaming River Burns the Boat
Fine By me. Keeps it being a style about working with the limitations of a firewand, rather then exceeding them.

Golden Exhalation Revision

An End to this Rainbow. WalrusJones