Plethoric Panoply of Phantom Knowledge (four dots)

Was custom artifact of a player who left the group for undisclosed reasons. Others have asked that it be made inaccessible due to balance concerns, and I have done so.

Crafted in the First Age by the Everlasting Twilight, this tome was designed so that the solar could carry a significant portion of his personal library with him at wherever he went. It is a book with the dimensions of 8”X12”X3”. To the unattuned, it weights about 25 pounds. The cover is made out of blue jade, blackened with age, with the only marking being on the front cover; it is a large Twilight Caste symbol in orichalcum, encompassing the No Moon Caste symbol, itself wrought in moonsilver, with the caste symbol of the Chosen of Secrets contained within inlaid as starmetal. It is Artifact 4, requiring a 15 mote commitment, and gives a -4 external penalties to all non-intellectual based rolls while in use. It has one hearthstone socket on the binding. It has one hearthstone socket on the binding. Inset into the inside back cover is a starmetal and blue jade socket about an inch in diameter. It is clearly for an interface, but as to what there is no clue. Whatever was there has long since been lost.

Once attuned, the book conveys the following abilities and benefits. For one mote, it may be reshaped such that it looks like any mundane book the owner desires. It must stay looking like a book, and it doesn’t change its contents nor magically hides its power. As a mundane book, it can be written into by anyone with access to the pages. Only the attuned owner may open it.

It effectively has 2500 pages contained within its bindings, despite its deceptively small size. Through concentrating the essence committed to the book, the owner may have the book open to any section he pleases; this counts as a miscellaneous action. At the cost of one mote of essence, the owner may use it as a scanner, pulling an image of anything held against one of its pages for the rest of the scene. At any time, the attuned wielder, for no cost, may brush his hand against a page and will it to be blank; anything on that page is irrevocably erased. Similarly, he may do the same for 100 page segments of the book by gripping the 100 pages in his hand and wiling it erased. He may not erase larger sections of the book at a time, thought he may erase things as small as a dot of ink or a few pages at a time. Each erasure counts as a miscellaneous action.

The book natively contains no text or imagery save the cover image; all information contained within was added at a later date. The information it contains may be used to boost abilities while the book is in use; these boosts count as added dice for the purposes of dice adding. It may contain 25 dots of ability boosts. These may be used to boost any ability that instructions for it could be contained within a book. It may raise abilities beyond 5, at an exponential cost rate: 2 dots for rank 6, 4 for 7, etc. This book may not raise abilities to 10. It may also store instructions for charms: this is no way confers the ability to perform the charms nor assists in the learning of the charms in any magical way. It is literally just an instruction manual. 1 point of storage is consumed per charm stored. It may also store spells in the same fashion: again, the book confers neither the ability to cast nor any assistance to learn. Terrestrial spells take up 1 point of storage, Celestials take up 2, and Solar spells take up 4 points of storage space.

Its default contents include factory cathedral operation for the manse All Good Things Must Come, which is outside Nexus, and personal notes relating to the usurpation.

Plethoric Panoply of Phantom Knowledge (four dots)

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