Prayerstrips, and You

Prayer strips can be crafted in one of two ways, mass produced using commonly accepted prayers, or individually crafted with the goal of pleasing the gods sensibilities.

Mass produced prayerstirps are non-unique entities that can be counted in mass, and are primarily used in commonly used sidereal artifacts. They are crafted in batches equal to the threshold successes earned on the roll to make them.

Individually produced prayerstips are unique entities, each bearing a value equal to the number of threshold successes earned on a roll to make them. Their value is mostly in charm use, but a few high ranking artifacts can use these strips for powerful effects.

Prayerstrips may be made at various difficulties, depending on the amount of time being used to make them, and ones moving status.

At difficulty two, one can sit down, and make a prayer-strip (or batch of mass produced ones) in six hours.

At difficulty four, one can sit down, and make a batch of strips in an hour, or walk for six while writing one.

At difficulty seven, a batch can be made as a miscellaneous action.

Prayerstrips, and You

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