Sesus Barra and Sabina Izval

Sesus Barra and Sabina Izval

Grei’s Parents

Sesus Barra was the First Son of Sesus Juris and Sesus Janika, assuming control of the Frostfire after Juris and Janika stepped down and left the clan.

Under his leadership, the clan was aggressive and deadly, throwing its hand into every fight that came its way, and some that didn’t. Its name continued to enjoy the notoriety it’d gained throughout the region under the rule of Juris and Janika.

Barra’s marriage to a mortal woman of the clan, Sabina Izval, took some by surprise, although it was assumed that she’d be relegated to the position of a consort once Barra met a Dragonblood who wasn’t one of his sisters. With Sabina, he fathered his First Son, Grei Izval – it was decided that the boy should take the mother’s name until Exaltation.

Instead, Barra was felled in the War of Thorns when the clan threw in on the side of the Confederation. Barra and the clan opted to push the city directly alongside Great Forks, and the Fire Aspect was killed there with his teenage son and Tarik continuing the press until retreat became inevitable.

Nothing of Barra or his equipment was able to be recovered by the Frostfire, given the ferocity of the fighting at Thorns itself.

Sabina survived her husband for several more years, serving as an advisor to Grei and a nurse to the clan in general.

Sesus Barra and Sabina Izval

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