Tidal Force


Tidal force is one of a countless multitude of artifacts crafted by Ligier upon the frozen bones of Malfeas. Long has the Green Sun looked down upon the many shifting layers of his master and contemplated revenge upon Creation. Taking stock of the armies amassed in hell and giving thought to those without. The Lintha are among the greatest weapons remaining to the Yozi within Creation – the proverbial dagger to the back. Countless weapons have been crafted for their kind through the Ages. Even now Lintha Ng Hut Dukantha, Demonblooded Prince of the Lintha, bears many artifacts of the Illustrious Forge and others besides.

The Green Sun stands vigilant, endlessly, in the skies of Malfeas. During Calibration, Lagier can sometimes see out over the deserts of Cecelyne and gaze upon Creation, Creation gazes back and yearns for her deposed lord. Her waters reach longingly, even as the elements of Earth remain stubborn, Gaia’s essence reaching out to sooth the pain of her brother and King. The Gilmyne gathers these tears as they dance across the silver sands. Living boughs, stolen away from Szoreny, are fed the clear salty tears as they grow in the private gardens of Ligier. It is from powerless grief and stolen reflections that the mighty axe was forged.


Tidal Force:

|Speed.: 4 |Acc.: + 3 | Dam.: 5L / 2. |Defense:+ 5 |Rate: 2|Tags: 0|

Tidal Force

An End to this Rainbow. Nehebkau